Scooper Bowl 2010

I read about the Scooper Bowl last year, when the girls from the Scoopalicious blog talked about it. It’s a yearly event in Boston that’s been going on for 28 years now — you pay a small fee, and then eat as much of the 37 flavors of ice cream, from 9 different companies, as you want.  Surely this must be what Heaven is like.

And since my wife and I were flying through Boston recently, and it happened to be around the time of the Scooper Bowl… well, how could I pass it up?

We ate ice cream, and ate ice cream, and then ate more ice cream. Some of our favorites were:

  • Ben & Jerry’s “Boston Cream Pie”
  • Ciao Bella Gelato “Key Lime Graham Gelato”
  • Ben & Jerry’s “Bonnaroo Buzz”
  • Brigham’s “Peppermint Stick” (although mine’s better ;-)
Bethany & Tina from Scoopalicious, and myself

Have spoon, will travel

And then the next day, we went back and ate ice cream again, and met up with Bethany and Tina from Scoopalicious. We compared notes, pointed out favorites, and had a fun time.

We ended up having lunch later with Bethany, and it was great to finally meet someone that was as crazy about ice cream as I am. An entire lunch conversation about making ice cream — flavors, ingredients, machines, parties, blog posts, and anything else we could think of related to ice cream.

Hopefully I’ll make it back to Boston again next year!

BTW, today is the first day of National Ice Cream Month. My favorite month of the year! Go eat some ice cream and do your part to help celebrate! :-)


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