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National Ice Cream Month: The Full Story

July is National Ice Cream Month, and the third Sunday in July is National Ice Cream Day. But you probably already knew that. Both events came into being when President Reagan signed a proclamation in 1984. But you probably already knew that too. But did you know that it wasn’t President Reagan’s idea? Or that […]

Orange Date Ice Cream

Orange Date Ice Cream Photo by Pastry Studio I started thinking one day how much I love dates, and decided to see if there were any good ice cream recipes out there using them. I came across this original recipe forĀ Orange Date Ice Cream from Pastry Studio and knew right away that it had to […]

Panforte Ice Cream

Panforte Ice Cream Photo by greekgirl64 on Flickr At a recent family gathering, my five-year-old nephew excitedly asked if I’d brought Bubblegum Ice Cream or Cake Batter Ice Cream, hoping for a repeat of a few months before. I told him I had a new flavor called Panforte, and I convinced him to give it […]