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Transporting Ice Cream With Dry Ice

We flew from Texas up to Rhode Island to visit some friends, and I wanted to take some homemade ice cream with us.  Actually our friend had jokingly asked me to bring some, so it got me wondering if it really was feasible.  It turns out, it is! Ice cream is great, except for that […]

Cardboard Ice Cream Containers

Sweet Bliss Containers I finally found cardboard ice cream containers!  These quart containers are made by Sweet Bliss, and come 25 to a pack.  I’ve used tons of them already, and they’re perfect. They also have the same thing in pint size.  You can also buy them directly from the Sweet Bliss web site. If […]

Cinnamon, Oatmeal Cookie, Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

I started wondering one day what would go together with cinnamon and chocolate in an ice cream.  The combination with oatmeal cookies just seemed to be a perfect match, so I tried it.  It’s become the most-often requested ice cream I’ve made, and one of the easiest to make.  It turns out Ben & Jerry’s […]

Ice Cream Machines

So you have a bowl of cream, milk, and sugar, and you want to turn it into ice cream.  What are your options?  You could just throw it into the freezer for a while, but you’d just get a frozen block of sweet cream — not exactly ice cream.  What’s missing?  The secret ingredient: air. […]

Commercial Ice Cream Mixes

Ever wondered how small ice cream shops and restaurants make their homemade ice cream?  Well, it turns out many of them don’t actually beat together the eggs and sugar, and then heat the milk and cream, and go through the whole process like we do at home.  They just pour a pre-made mix into the […]

Spicy Peach Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

Ok, so you’re at a restaurant eating a fantastic dessert when that thought hits you like it has so many times before…  “I wonder if I could make this into an ice cream?” My wife and I had the most incredible dessert at a Cajun restaurant once.  Half of a peach, grilled with butter, and […]

Pasteurized Eggs in Ice Cream

“This ice cream tastes great!  The chocolate is so rich, and there’s just a slight hint of salmonella.” Ok, so salmonella isn’t an ingredient you want to include when making ice cream, because it can make people pretty sick.  Although it could be argued that the chances of getting the salmonella bacteria from raw eggs […]